Oral Cancer Screenings in Rancho Mirage, CA

Oral Cancer Screenings in Rancho Mirage, CA

Early detection is the key to oral cancer survival. In fact, oral cancer screenings in Rancho Mirage boost the rate of beating the disease by 80 percent or higher. This simple test saves lives. The good part is that a routine oral cancer screening is included in your regular dental exams.

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Oral cancer screenings in Rancho Mirage are fast and painless. The goal is to identify any changes in the soft tissues of the mouth. Tiny abnormalities may indicate the beginning stages of oral cancer. The exam is mainly visual and tactile. If any questionable changes are noted, a tissue sample will be taken and sent to a lab for testing.

Who’s at Risk for Developing Oral Cancer?

Once considered a disease that affects older people, oral cancer still mainly affects patients over 40. However, these days, the fastest growing segment is younger people due to the spread of the HPV16 virus, a sexually-transmitted disease.

However, the higher risk groups remain the same: genetics, long-term tobacco users, moderate-heavy drinkers, and middle-aged or older adults all have a greater likelihood of developing mouth cancer. Excessive sun exposure is linked to cancer on the lips.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Rancho Mirage, CA

A screening for mouth cancer is part of a routine oral health exam. This is another reason why regular dental checkups are so important. Your Rancho Mirage dentist will look for sores, or white or red patches inside the mouth, on the lips and the tongue. The screening also includes a check for lumps or swollen areas. An oral surgeon in Palm Springs, CA will perform a biopsy on any abnormal tissue.

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If you notice any tissue changes on your tongue, lips or inside your mouth, you may need to consult with a Palm Desert oral surgeon. Most of the time, these symptoms are benign, but they can also be signs of oral cancer. Any sores or abnormalities that are not resolved after a couple of weeks should be examined by an oral surgeon in Indio, CA. Early screenings and diagnoses are the best defense against oral cancer.

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