Teeth Cleaning in Rancho Mirage, CA

Teeth Cleaning in Rancho Mirage, CA

Daily brushing and flossing are non-negotiable, but it is also important to get regular professional teeth cleanings. Over time, plaque and tartar tend to build up in hard to reach places. Hard deposits on enamel are virtually impossible to remove without special dental tools. If tartar is allowed to remain below the gum line and on tooth surfaces, mouth bacteria multiply. Oral bacteria produce acid that causes cavities and gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to systemic diseases in the body.

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When performed in conjunction with a routine dental exam, teeth cleaning in Rancho Mirage can be very effective at helping control decay and periodontitis. In addition, routine cleanings make it possible for your Rancho Mirage dentist to keep a close eye on your oral health and watch for budding problems.

Professional teeth cleaning is Rancho Mirage is performed by a dental hygienist with a special set of tools. Since every patient’s smile is different, your cleaning procedure will be tailored to meet your unique needs. But, most dental cleanings follow the same pattern.

Teeth Cleaning in Rancho Mirage, CA

First, an oral exam will be performed to assess the health of your teeth and soft tissues. Then, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned with either traditional metal instruments or an ultrasonic scaler. This is a hand-held instrument that uses high-frequency vibrations to remove calculus from tooth surfaces. The tiny tip moves rapidly to demolish hardened deposits without damaging the enamel. The tip is cooled with a constant stream of water that also helps remove plaque and wash away debris.

Some dental hygienists prefer to use curved hand-held tools that fit between teeth and around the surfaces. If you have sensitive teeth, teeth cleaning with a hand-held instrument may be more comfortable.

Lastly, your teeth are flossed and polished with a slightly-gritty gel and a rubber-tipped rotary brush. After your professional teeth cleaning in Rancho Mirage, your smile will look and feel much cleaner, brighter and healthier. Book your appointment with our dentist near you online today with our convenient booking form.

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